How To Bring Feng Shui To Your Cubicle

Feng Shui is derived from two Chinese words to mean ‘wind’ and ‘water.’ The concept is derived from the Chinese setting, and it talks about how human beings are connected with their surroundings. There are many ways of making your immediate surroundings more inviting, whether it’s your home or at an office. But, have you tried Feng Shui?

Below are a few steps on how you can bring Feng Shui to your cubicle.

Choose the right chair

A lot of people think that as long as they are seated, that’s it. No. Feng Shui suggests a comfortable chair that is raised on the back to support your head. It is believed that a raised back creates protection.

Place your desk away from the entrance

Placing your desk far from the entrance is also called the ‘power position.’ Place your desk far away from the entrance. Please put it in a position where you can see the person coming into the room.

Get a plant

It is believed that having a plant around you and taking care of it creates positive energy. You can go as far as to place a fountain that fits the space in your cubicle. Live plants improve the air quality of a room.

Wall hangings

Surround your space with pieces of artwork bearing inspirational quotes and sayings. Artwork will symbolize the person that you are and all that you want to accomplish.

Pick the right colours for your cubicle.

Feng Shui colours include the ones that are not overwhelming to another person’s eyes. Some of the colours include white, gold, and soft yellow.

Our Guide to Sustainable Interior Design Materials

Sustainability is one of the key concerns in construction today. Interior design is a key part of construction that need sustainable concepts. Most interior designers have come up with ideas to create eco-friendly homes and commercial spaces. Most traditional interior design materials are considered unsustainable, hence not frequently used. Thanks to technological advancements, sustainable materials have been made to perform even more than traditional ones. If you plan to do a sustainable interior design for your space, here are some materials you might consider.

Sustainable Materials

●      Cork

Cork is one of the most eco-friendly interior design materials. Its extraction and use have minimal impact on the environment. When cork is extracted, trees that produce it are not cut down; it’s the bark of the trees that is used. Although it has a spongy nature, cork can be processed and used to make floors that resemble wooden floors. Some interior design concepts involve floors made of purely recycled wine stoppers.

●      Jute fibers

Jute fibers are obtained from the jute plant. They are used to give an earthy tone to interior design concepts. If you are looking for an insulating material for your floor, jute rags are the go-to option. Other than their great insulation properties, jute fibers are durable and affordable.

●      Reclaimed wood

Wood is the most common material in interior design concepts. Its uses include making furniture, ornaments, and floors. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been previously used for a different purpose then reconditioned for another purpose. Using this material is eco-friendly since no more trees have to be cut down.

●      Recycled plastic

Plastic is a non-biodegradable interior design material. This means that plastic can stay for many years before it decomposes when disposed of in the environment. To avoid such cases, you can use recycled plastic for your interior design. Recycled plastic is plastic that has been reconditioned to perform a function other than the original one.

Choosing a Sustainable Interior Design Material

There are many other sustainable interior design materials that you can choose from. Tylko’s guide to sustainable materials give a more detailed list of these materials. Here are some aspects to consider when selecting the materials.

●      Durability of the material

Sustainable materials should be durable. Durable materials will save you from the regular costs of repairing and replacing interior design items.

●      Cost of the material

Sustainable interior design materials might be expensive. Therefore, you should find one that is affordable, depending on your financial status.

Practical Vinyl Storage Ideas

For music lovers, a turntable isn’t just a storage solution but a décor statement. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small collection of vinyl or hundreds of records; you need to keep them organized. Style is as important as functionality. These practical vinyl storage options will help keep your records safe and make your home look great. They’ll also help show off your favourite records. If you don’t have a record player or a vinyl collection, they will inspire you to get one.

Create a nook

Look for a favourite position in your room to set up a collection centre where you can easily browse your collection and display your most favoured records. Look for a wooden storage unit to store and display medium-sized collections. Also, create a statement wall to show off your much-loved records.

Mix your records with another décor

Your vinyl storage shouldn’t be a standalone piece. You can instead show off your favourite records as work of art within an extensive bookshelf. Mix the records you love most with your favourite book collections in your bookcase.

Add a pop of colour

A little vinyl storage unit is ideal for adding a bit of bold colour in your living room without taking up much space. You can perhaps paint your vinyl unit green and place it next to a white wall to serve as a background. You can then display a few mid-century favourites to add life to the statement.

Bring baskets in

Most homeowners love to decorate their homes with baskets since they are affordable, versatile, and add a vintage vibe to any room. A narrow-woven basket can be a great choice to stash a few of your favourite records. Baskets are favourite vinyl storage solutions for those who love the Boho vibe.

Open shelving works

Open wooden shelving mixed with packs of plants, books, and most importantly, vinyl records will do the trick. It will also be an excellent vinyl storage solution if you have a smaller record collection. Be sure to create a shelf with ample vertical space to fit in your records standing so you can browse them easily.

A vinyl storage unit doesn’t have to be the ugly old traditional unit you see in your friend’s home. It should be a design statement like the vinyl storage unit by Tylko. Make sure to blend it with another décor to break the monotony.